Our Cycling Heritage

Passionate, Technical, Progressive, Authentic...

Endura is that strange thing; a global cycle apparel company that sells all over the world and works with some of the world’s top cyclists but – unlike almost all of its competitors - actually makes clothing in its own factory. In Scotland. Since 1992.

And it’s that passion about cycling and wanting to be hands on making the best cycle clothing in the world that makes us different and, we like to think, special.

We develop our clothing at the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula 1 Wind Tunnel with Movistar Team, the World’s Number 1 ranked race team and Women’s WorldTour Team Cervelo Bigla.

All of which is great, but… we are just as excited to make you a single, unique-in-the-world cycle jersey using the latest tech (lasers and robots and all that) and applying timeless old fashioned values by taking the finest Italian fabrics and hand crafting them with pride into something truly special.

If you are reading this you almost certainly have a love for cycling and a passion for design (otherwise why are you here?) and that means, as far as we are concerned, that you “get it” - and we love you for that.

With endura.me you are firmly in the driving seat. Never before has there been such a fantastic opportunity to liberate that perfect design that has been trapped inside your imagination, see it virtually, and then have it transformed into a real piece of highest quality cycle apparel for you to wear and share with the world.

We are delighted to be able to help make that happen, curious to see what you will create, and proud to have the opportunity to turn your design into a unique article of clothing that is both beautiful and of the highest quality.

Endura.me printing process
Stuart and his brother Rab overseeing transfer printing in the digital print room
Endura.me printing process
Barry, about to load up a new batch of fabric on a high-precision automatic fabric cutting machine
Endura.me printing process
Steven lines up a sublimation transfer with corresponding fabric panels ready for heat pressing
Endura.me printing process
Stephen peels the printed garment panels from the digital transfer
Endura.me jersey being sewn
A WT jersey on its way to completion on the sewing line