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Peter Henderson

United Kingdom

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about 8 years

Cristian Cordero

Really nice colour and diferent design. Congrats Pete. It looks perfect to me !!!

about 8 years

Alison Oshiha

I loved it! I will run to buy one ;) Congrats !!!!

about 8 years

John Whitehill

Definitely gets my vote - superb

about 8 years

Addison Davis

Simple and perfect !

about 8 years

Harry Taylor

Get on Pete!

about 8 years

Hal Robertson Smith

Tasteful but still punchy!

about 8 years


Very nice! All the best buddy. Chipo. x

about 8 years

oak kerby-steele

Looks sick.

about 8 years

Leo Main

Looks great! Love the artwork.

about 8 years

Rose Geraldson

Love this concept. good colour choice and best of luck! :)

about 8 years

Rebekah Henderson

Great design inspired by your incredible cycling trip, Glad see that your cycling and art is being combined to create what is the most aesthetic design in my opinion. Please vote for Pete as he will use the money to further his career developments! x

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