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Eve Campbell

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about 8 years

Eve MacFarlane

Love it! Fab design.

about 8 years

Vikki Vomina

Is fìor thoil leam na rinn thu an seo. Is math a rinn thu :)

about 8 years

rachel hair


about 8 years

Colin Watson

Subtle and brilliant

about 8 years

mike clarke

hope you win

about 8 years

anne clarke

lovely design

about 8 years

Fiona Simpson


about 8 years

Neil Henderson

Unique, and stylish.

about 8 years

Michelle McGuckin

Original and eye catching

about 8 years

Penny Watson

Love it!

about 8 years

Jacqueline White

like how crisp it looks

about 8 years

Justin Taylor

Great design, love the sleeves particularly.

about 8 years

Regan Dahl

Very organic and eye catching design, well done.

about 8 years

Ruth Gibb

Love how the pattern is broken up by each individual panel. I like the hand drawn and human approach to a very technical garment

about 8 years

Avril Paterson

Innovative. Avril Paterson

about 8 years

Alistair Devlin

The hatching reminds me of muscle fibres straining to reach the Pyramids and the peak of Abetone. The use of Monochrome is brave and bold and also radical, as the majority of shirts in cycling are multi coloured! The asymmetry of the sleeve panels is the antithesis of cycling precision culture and is completely unique approach to designing for this scene. The looser black lines, remind me of progress paths over the Alps or road routes through an urban tangle till the final sprint, breathless to the finishing line. A tour de force! (France). P.S. It should also be produced in mono pink as the shirt is worthy to grace the Giro d'Italia. Bellisimo!

about 8 years

Serena Whitmarsh

Amazed by how you have managed to capture so much of nature but still kept the design really thoughtful so that it sparks interest in the onlooker without overwhelming them, beautifully done!

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