Pro SL Bibshort – Full Graphic Designer Tour

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  1. Designer Tour

    Welcome to the endura.me cycling clothing designer. Our tour takes less than a minute and will walk you through how to get started.

    No thanks, I'll work it out Get Started
  2. Select Gender

    On the left of the screen you'll find the control panel. Start by changing the gender.

    Notice the 3D model is changing to match your selection

  3. 3D View

    • Left click and drag to spin
    • Swipe Up/Down (Mouse Wheel) to zoom
    • Left click and drag to move
  4. Select Size

    Choose the size of garment you want.

    Once again, the model updates to match your selection. There is a model for every combination.

  5. Download Template

    Dwnload the template and start designing.

    Our templates are .AI (Adobe Illustrtor) files. You are welcome to open them in the tool of your choice. Our online designer accepts: AI, PDF, PNG, JPG

  6. Test Your Design

    Once you've made a change to the template, upload it to the designer to see how it looks as a final garment.

    There is no limit to the number of times you can upload your artwork enabling you to get your design exactly how you want it.

  7. Name And Save

    You can save your design at any time whether complete of not.

    Start by giving your design a name.

  8. Add a description

    Give your design a quick description. Perhaps the inspiration for the design or a reminder of what you designed it for.

  9. Save and Continue

    Clicking save will store your design to your account. Your can come back later to keep editing, or if you've finished the design, share it or purchase it!

  10. Tour Complete!

    We hope you enjoy the site. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in touch.

    The endura.me Team.

  1. Restart Tour

    Your can restart the tour at any time by click here

    Got it!